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In last week’s post, I spoke about some highly motivated and engaged employees in a cycle store. Extensive research has been carried out which has closely linked employee engagement to customer experience. Dan Pink carried out some research into the key factors that motivate employees. He found that the three most important factors, apart from a fair monetary reward, were as follows:
Autonomy: Research shows that staff react better to being given guidelines, rather than strict rules that they need to follow. It is important to give staff some freedom to do the job the way they want to do it.
Mastery: People want to feel as though they are getting better at doing something that matters.
Purpose: It is natural for staff to want to make customers happy. It is important to publicise to staff what the business is working to achieve and why.

I will discuss some of these factors in greater depth in future posts. For now, I will refer back to my experience last week in the cycle store. I think we can see how some of these factors came into play. The staff member who wanted to learn from his colleague had enough autonomy to be honest about this without fear of being reprimanded. He was keen to master a new skill. The staff member saw an opportunity in learning more about the nutrition in their energy food to be able to make me and other customers happy in future = purpose. Furthermore research by the Temkin Group also showed that employees who feel as though they are contributing are 30% less likely to take more than one sick day. How do you implement these factors into your business? See you next week when we will be returning to the cycle store!


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