Learning Something New

selection of energy snacks A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about a friendly employee in a cycle store selling me unusual flavours of Mule Bars: Liquorice and Coconut.

This week I returned to a different branch of the same store. I asked an employee for some advice on some snacks to take with me on a long bike ride. The employee directed me to another staff member who was more of an expert in that area and would be better positioned to advise me. He said, however, that he would listen while his colleague told me about the products as he was keen to learn more about them. I thought that this store had a fantastic ethos and team spirit. I could see that the staff were passionate about creating a great experience for their customers. The employee who I initially spoke to was motivated by being able to learn new information and he wasn’t afraid to let me know that a colleague could teach him a few things. A great team effort! Next week’s post will continue this theme by discussing how staff can be motivated by being given the chance to master a new skill or gain new knowledge.

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