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personalised Coca Cola bottlesWe know that customers want to feel as though they have received a personalised solution to their unique challenge. This was brought to light to me this week while I was looking into ordering some new business cards. I looked on both Vistaprint and Both of these websites offer a service in which they will send out a sample pack of their products to prospective customers. The process of ordering these sample packs differed greatly on the two sites.

On Vistaprint, I was simply asked for my contact details so that the pack could be sent to me. However on, I was asked a series of questions so that the sample pack could be tailored to my needs. The questions were quick and simple to answer.

I noticed how my perception of these two companies had been affected by the differing approaches. I guessed that the value of the cards from would be more expensive. I felt that it would be worth paying more for their service as it had been tailored to my specific needs. I felt confident that their company was looking after me and that I would be happy with my purchase.

This is a similar phenomenon to when I have been assisted while trying on clothes in a fitting room. When an employee makes a comment along the lines of, “That blue colour really illuminates your skin”, then I feel as though I would be missing out if I did not buy the garment in question! How do you make sure your customers feel as though your service has been personalised to them?

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  1. I was looking recently at a website to apply for a job. The company asked me to choose from multiple questionnaire answers to particular work scenarios. Depending on my replies and attitude the site then transferred you to the recruitment page. This is a sensible approach, as it filters down to those suited to the position. I also saves time on both sides and personalises the service.

  2. This is so true and yet I suspect most of us work on the basis that the customer has to accept what we have already prepared. Made me think.


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