Make Up Tips

image of make upWhen I have a positively memorable experience as a customer, I like to reflect on the reasons why. For example, last week I visited a make up counter.  In terms of concealer, I am a typical Touche Eclat girl. The artist at this make up counter explained that using a concealer with an orange tone can be good to combat the typical blue / green tint of under eye circles. She explained that another lighter coloured concealer can be used on top to reflect the light.  I tried this method for myself at home the next day and found that it certainly did work. My skin went from looking dull and tired to appearing radiant and glowing = a happy customer!  Another thing that the artist told me was that I suited strong eyeliner as I have big eyes.  It is always nice to receive advice / a compliment that I know is personalised to me.  I could tell that the artist enjoyed putting the eyeliner on me as she was able to use her skills to produce a striking effect. I left the counter that day feeling good!