How to Make a Customer Buy More

Feel Unique orderI don’t do a huge amount of online shopping as I prefer to go into a store. However this week I found that some particular hair care products were not available in the store that I visited. I initially searched on the Philip Kingsley website, but the site kept crashing.  Therefore I searched again and found the Philip Kingsley products on I had never used this website before. Although I had planned to purchase only the shampoo and conditioner, I also ended up with Jason Mouthwash, Jason Toothpaste and some DHC Silky Cotton Pads.  I was drawn to purchase the extra items for two main reasons:

  1. I had found an offer for £10 off when you spend £25.
  2. I could see at the checkout that I would be eligible for two free samples if I spent over £30.

Feel Unique orderI noticed how this related to the phenomenon with the loyalty cards which I spoke about in a previous post. We saw that customers were more likely to complete their loyalty cards if they were given a perceived head start of two stamps. I believe that the temptation of increasing my order so that I would be entitled to the free samples is similar to the ‘Endowed Progress Effect’.  I felt as though I would be missing out if I didn’t earn the free samples.  I had already committed to purchasing the hair care products on the site, so I was already part way on the journey to receiving the samples.

It also helped that there was a selection of different samples to choose from so I was able to select the ones that were relevant and useful to me.

Have you been tempted to increase an order?  Let me know below.