Energy suppliers = Good service??

logos of energy suppliers UKI must admit I have been quite impressed by SSE Southern Electric. I called them in regards to my tariff. At the end of the call, the lady asked whether there was anything else they could help me with today. She used my name several times in the conversation so this made it feel more personal. She asked if I perhaps wanted any energy saving advice. I mentioned that I didn’t think there was much I could do to save energy since I just had a very old boiler that you could only turn either on or off. She asked me several questions. She then let me know that they have some special offers on boilers at the moment. I hadn’t previously been aware that they offered boilers. The lady told me that they currently had a £400 discount plus two years free cover worth about another £350. I told her that I didn’t need it right now, but it was useful to know for future. I was very impressed that she offered me some energy saving advice, rather than rushing off the telephone to speak with the next customer. This made me think very well of the company and encouraged me to be loyal to them. It also gave the staff member a chance to tell me about other products that they offered.

Before I had a chance to publish this post I spoke to SSE again! Their service seems to get better and better. I wanted to clarify some points on their fixed rate tariffs. The staff member seemed so patient and happy to speak with me. It was almost like talking to a friend. I really felt as though she was on my side. She even pointed out that I could get a better rate than the two year tariff that I was thinking of changing to. She said that the one year tariff could save me more. She even did a calculation based on my previous usage to calculate how much I would save – about £200 a year! Thank you! I was very impressed. I felt incredibly reassured as I could see that she knew what she was talking about. She had clearly been well trained to know what products and tariffs they could offer. At the end of the conversation, the staff member checked whether there was “anything else AT ALL,” that she could help me with today. She was so friendly too and ended the call with one of those ongoing exchanges where we were wishing each other a good day. It is very unlikely that I will switch away from SSE in the near future. It is so refreshing to witness staff at a large organisation taking pride in the quality of the service that they offer. I would find it so much more stressful to deal with an electric company that offered poor service.

Just to add that SSE make a point of promoting energy saving advice. I like this as it shows that they are putting the customers’ needs first rather than trying to get as much money from them as possible. This is a great attitude for promoting customer loyalty. It’s a thumbs up from me.